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“Dominic Carter is a consummate professional with a soft spot for children and professionals who work with children. A respected and prominent political reporter with his own story of abuse and neglect, Mr. Carter is a walking, talking example of what people can do when they set their mind to it and don’t let life’s circumstances or stereotypes hold them back. Mr. Carter is a wonderful speaker who grabs the attention of his audience and will not let it go. His ability to tell his story and to keep a room full of social workers, foster parents and other professionals engaged is astounding. Though his story is emotional and sad at times, Mr. Carter is able to inspire an entire room of people to keep doing their work with children who were just like him. Mr. Carter is humble, engaging, funny, witty and amazingly easy to work with. It was absolutely my pleasure to have Mr. Carter speak to my organization and I would not hesitate to have him come back or to recommend him to anyone looking for an inspiring speaker with an amazing story.”

~Mr. Chris Waitley, LSW Regional Director, Eastern Hub PATH Idaho

“I had the pleasure of hearing Dominic speak on two different occasions. He was encouraging, relatable and his story is heart wrenching. Dominic likes to uplift his audience by having them express why they do what they do. At the close, people hear what should have been done to prevent his tragedy and so many others from reoccurring but no one is left feeling as if it were there fault. One actually leaves knowing that what they do for children really matter as long as they stay focused on hearing them, watching the signs and keeping them safe at all costs. He has made it against all odds and children know that there is hope in a hopeless situation.”

~Mrs. Tasha Smith, M.A. Division Director II Prevention Unit Mississippi Division of Family and Children’s Services

“Your keynote address was so inspiring. We received so many positive comments from the attendees regarding how you were not only a survivor of child abuse but you have now become an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves! Your story made a lasting impression on all of us and will be retold many times to inspire others. The participant
evaluations for your workshop and keynote were extremely positive.”

~Suzan Santosus, Chief Operating Officer, The Children’s Healing Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida

"I wanted to let you know your name came up today in a conversation. We have a youth in foster care who attended the youth session. She was one of those youth who had the opportunity to come up and speak. She was terrified to speak but did it anyhow. I guess after she sat down she was sobbing...I am not sure if it was embarrassment or adrenaline or something else. She sat back down with her peers and got a lot of positive support from peers and others. Today we were speaking about her because she is still in foster care. Her story is sad, like lots of others, because she is watching her siblings get adopted but her permanency is still undetermined. As a direct result of her having an opportunity to listen to you and being able to stand up and speak in front of the crowd, she has gone forward and joined the debate team at her school and has been involved in producing and acting in a small part in her school play--things she never would have considered before! I wanted to pass this on to you because the professionals I was speaking to directly attribute these positive changes in her to your presentation and your interaction with her. Once again, thank you for what you brought to this group of youth. Over a year later, we are still talking about how great that event turned out!"

~Caprice A. Miller, M.A., Regional Program Specialist -- Child Welfare, Rexburg, Idaho

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 Richard Berry
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