Overcoming Child Abuse- Foster Care

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Dominic Carter: Motivational Speaker & Author

Dominic Carter has lived a life of tremendous highs, and devastating lows. When Dominic tells his remarkable heart-wrenching life story, it will leave your audience feeling empowered to overcome any obstacle. Independent reviews of his speech around the country have ranged from "Powerful and Inspiring," to "encouraging," "rousing," and "Dominic was engaging and found the way to interact with his audience even though he is talking about something as painful as child abuse," and his experience in Foster Care. 

Dominic grew up poor, in the notorious Housing Projects of New York City, with no father, and a mother who was diagnosed with "Chronic Paranoid schizophrenia." Yet, Dominic went from a childhood of sexual and physical abuse to a meaningful career in television attending social events at the White House and interviewing the late Nelson Mandela even though his own demons almost destroyed him. In the end, keynote speaker Dominic Carter recounts how he survived to become the successful political commentator  that he is today. Dominic travels all over the world, and would love to headline your event. He almost always receives a standing ovation with his interactive address.

Dominic Carter's book, "No Momma's Boy", is a true account of someone who has been keeping lifelong secrets of abuse at the hands of his mother. Dominic tells it all to his audiences; book readers and his listeners as well. With a mother who once tried to strangle him as a toddler and tried to commit suicide several times, his gut wrenching story will leave you motivated and inspired to fulfill your dreams in life.

Many people can associate with Dominic Carter's story in some part, which can make a big difference for anyone who seems willing to give up on life. Whether you are going through a difficult situation or have been going through it for a long time now, you can overcome the resentment, guilt and hopelessness. As a survivor of child abuse and foster care, his motivational story can help you to start living positively. Anything is possible when you are determined to excel. Reading Carter's book or listening to him will certainly unlock the hidden potential in you to start seeing things differently.
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